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Muscle Stimulator

【6 SPORTS MODE AND 10 INTENSITY LEVELS】 A-TION ABS Trainer can quickly accelerate fat burning and promote metabolism, whether you are a member of the gym, or want to easily exercise at home, or people who are frequently on a business trip but want to exercise, it will help you achieve your fitness needs. Note: Please start with a low intensity level to prevent injury and muscle aches
【UPDATED EMS TECHNOLOGY】With the updated EMS technology, it turns the current stimulus into a signal and sends it directly to the muscle. Just simply put them on the abs, belly, arms, legs etc., you can feel the muscles awake immediately and keep beating inside, it can also keep the muscles burning after workout. If you are looking for a safer and more effective way to exercise, try A-TION muscle stimulator
【8 ABDOMINAL MUSCLES AND HIGH QUALITY GEL PADS】 The gel pads in the package is replaceable and has a good long-lasting tack time, which can be used 50-100 times depending on your actual use. When high quality and soft pads touch your skin, you will feel nothing but comfortable. They fit neatly on the skin and are easy to wipe clean after use. Note: Cover them with plastic so they don't get dirty easily
【MULTI-SITE TRAINING 】Muscle Stimulator is made of soft PU material, highly conductive gel sheet; includes abdominal pad and arm pad, multi-part fitness training, abdomen, waist, arms, legs, buttocks
【HIGH EFFICIENCY TRAINING】20 minutes per day, which is equals to 2000 meters running, 60 minutes of sit-ups, 60 minutes of free swimming, 2 weeks of diet.

8 Pads Abdominal Muscle Toner, Fitness More Easily and Effectively:
If you want to:
1) tighten belly fat
2) lose weight fast 
3) workout more easily and effectively
Then get yourself a Abdominal Muscle Toner!

What is EMS?
As usually, mscles act after get the signals from the brain.
EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a technology that uses electrical signals to directly stimulate and exercise the muscles, more effective and faster to exercise the muscle.
Product Features:
1. It's super light, ultra thin and wearable.You can do muscle trainning in office, bedroom, or any place you want. Not just in gym.
2. It is a six-point pad for your abs, suitable for arm, waist, and legs muscles training.
3. 6 simulation modes, 10 working speeds to match your day life comfortable experience.
4. Auto off after 15 minutes/time, 3-5 times/week would be recommended. It equals to 2000M running, 60 minutes of sit-ups, 60 minutes of free swimming, 2 weeks of diet.

Do not use it when you are sleeping.
Do not use it more than twice a day.
The maximum usage should not exceed 30 minutes each.
The gel is a kind of consumable. The gel should be replaced after it has been used for more than a month.

Packing List:
1 x Abdominal Muscle Trainer
2 x Arm/Leg Muscle Trainer
3 x Main Machine Controller
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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